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"Chef Gene Castelluccio & Chef Blair Grossman, two formally trained award winning chefs, have collaborated to bring FRESH, healthy meals to the front doors across the U.S. We can now enjoy their many wonderful recipes – all prepared & ready to just heat up. They are delivered fresh (not frozen), and each meal is labeled with complete nutritional info. Choose from different weekly services. You receive an entire week of fresh (guaranteed) meals. Each week the menus change. Even gluten-free meals! About $14/meal including the shipping- that is less than our local deli, and this food is really delicious."




"I absolutely LOVE the food prepared by Personal Chef-to-Go! I ordered several weeks of their food when I was laid up in bed with a leg injury. Instead of moping/hobbling around the house feeling sorry for myself, I felt like I was dining first class! The meals were so tasty, interesting, and offered plenty of variety. They were much more creative than anything I could have prepared for myself-and they were healthy."


- Joanna H. Drell

History Professor, University of Richmond


"I heard about Personal Chef To Go from a friend and decided to give it a try. The quality and taste of the food was excellent and the portions were generous. We have ordered the family style option to feed our family of four and have been more than satisfied. There is no better feeling than to open the refrigerator and see the neatly stacked boxes of gourmet food waiting for me to heat for the week. On several occasions I have given PCTG meals to friends that are in need of a little TLC....a friend that just had a baby and another grieving from the loss of a loved one. They said it was just what they needed at the time. I would recommend it to anyone! I have used other local food delivery services and PCTG blows them away in terms of taste, quality, creativity and portion size."


- Sarah Gobble


"Personal Chef To Go saved our lives! And our marriage!


Okay, maybe that's overstating it just a bit. But as two busy professionals, with often-conflicting schedules, we'd pretty much stopped cooking dinner for ourselves. And we'd become bored with our steady diet of frozen entrées and fast-food fare. So it was a real thrill when we discovered Personal Chef to Go: really good food, reasonably priced and delivered right to our door! It's made it simple for us to eat a meal together on those rare occasions that we're both at home at the dinner hour. And knowing there's a great meal waiting in the fridge has given us the strength to drive past the drive-thru between the office and our house.


So we're eating healthier and our marriage is secure. Unless, of course, someone ate that last helping of pecan-crusted pesto salmon that I had dibs on . . . . "


- Mike Raff





"I am a working woman who is not always up for cooking dinner when I get home - however that doesn't mean my husband and I aren't up for enjoying a good meal after a long, hard day. We absolutely refuse to eat fast food. And we don't have the time or money to dine out every night. Besides that, good nutrition is very important to us. We try to be careful about what we eat, looking for fresh & healthy ingredients (without forgoing good flavor).


Personal Chef To Go is the perfect solution; the menu is absolutely 5 star in our book! The food is cooked fresh, flavored delicately in a way that is sure to please, and delivered right to our door. PCTG takes pride in creating meals that are low in fat yet high in flavor, and to our amazement, the cost of a weeks worth of meals is unbelievably reasonable! Dinnertime used to be dreaded; now it is anticipated! Thank you!!!"


 - Two Very Happy Customers

"Personal Chef to Go has been an ideal solution for my husband (John) and me. We are small business owners and work long hours. For some time our solution to dinner had been eating out nearly every night. I would get a salad and he would order a regular dinner. Needless to say, the food portions were large and bread was always included. After six months of restaurant dinners, he began to tell me he was tired of eating out and wished we could start eating at home again. Since we often don't get home until 7:30 or later, the idea of starting to cook again did not appeal to me. One day I told a friend about this situation, and she suggested we go on-line to see if we could find a solution. We found Personal Chef to Go, and it has been a "match made in heaven".


I am thrilled with Personal Chef to Go and would highly recommend it to anyone."


- Joanne Deaton

Fresh, Never Frozen Meals



"We have been enjoying Personal Chef To Go meals for the past several years. The meals are wonderfully flavored and appropriately portioned. We lead a busy life with three active teenagers. Unfortunately, that means several evenings a week that we can't all eat together. It is very convenient to have an excellent variety of professionally prepared meals available at any time. In fact, we have frozen the meals to enjoy at a later date."


- Erik Roper


"Personal Chef To Go offers wonderful, delicious, healthy meals to help our busy family. We enjoy the different choices and homemade taste on a weekly basis. As a working mother, the fact that I have a meal prepared and ready several times a week takes a huge burden off my plate. I feel blessed to have this service, and enjoy working with the staff."


- Wendy, Midlothian, VA

"We love this service, but mostly the well seasoned food. Continue your excellent work. I am a very happy client. Thank you."


 - Iris (last name withheld)                

"I have to tell you how pleased I am with Personal Chef To Go:


Our meals were delivered last night at exactly the time we normally sit down to eat-it was perfect timing! Unfortunately, my husband, who has not been feeling well, claimed to not have much appetite. I presented him with the jambalaya and told him if he couldn't eat it, that was fine-then he proceeded to clean the plate! I chose the salmon salad, and remarked that the salmon was cooked to perfection. And the dressing was wonderful!!


I am SO GLAD I decided to order these meals, especially this week when the holiday "chaos meter" is at full tilt! Thank you for exceeding my expectations. My husband and I are looking forward to the remaining meals and will certainly call PCTG for meal delivery again in the future."


- Patti Jo Knight, James River Trade Exchange





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